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Welcome To Aim Industrie e.k
AIM INDUSTRIE is a limited liability company registered in Germany. The company was established with the purpose of providing quality and credible surgical and dental instruments and materials to hospitals, medical centers and clinics.
The company ensures procuring and manufacturing of quality products under applicable international quality standards.
Instruments Care
Immediately after surgery, remove organic materials by rinsing instruments under warm (not hot) running water.
Rinse should remove most blood fluids and tissue. Do not process metals (stainless, copper, chrome plated, etc.) together.
Always wear safety protection gear.
Products Information
Each instrument that Aim Industrie services is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason a customer is not satisfied with our work, we will repair or replace the instrument. No company is perfect and issues are going to arise, it's how these issues are dealt with that defines the company you work with Aim Industrie's Satisfaction Guarantee provides you with assurance that your problems will be handled right the first time.
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